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I make pictures for work, and fun. Sometimes they move, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I put a few words together too. I’m currently working as an art director, photographer and creative technologist at BBDO Dublin. I’m always interested in new ways to make pictures and new places to put them. I’m a bit of camera nerd and I love some 360, VR, AR, 3D, cinemagraph, hologram, HDR, responsive, gyroscopic, WebGL, [insert next-big-thing-here] action.

Art Direction: LIDL Art Direction: EBS Red HouseArt Direction: Virgin Media
Photography 360 Photography 360 Video

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Weekend at the beach

I always look forward to Easter. It’s the first chance we get every year to spend some time at the beach. This year, it was absolutely freezing and at times, stormier than Donald Trump’s mistress. Here’s how it looked, over the course of 5 days.  

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