Darkest days

We’re getting close now, to the darkest day of the year. I’ll be happy to be on the other side and heading towards daylight. In the meantime, it’s handy to be able to capture a few nice sunrises at the leisurely time of 8:45am.

Minus one, plus one

There are some things we do well in Meath, and fog is one of them. I was out for a few hours earlier, and it was bloody cold. Got home, lit the fire and made a big dinner of steak and roasties and I was about to sit down and get cozy when I looked out…

Electric Picnic 2014

Had a great time down in Stradbally last weekend – managed to have fun, see some brilliant acts AND keep my camera safe. I left late on saturday night and (regrettably) missed some other gigs I’d have loved to see – particularly Portishead, but hey! there’s always next year. Flushed with post-festival buzz, I’m already…

Rathmines of a Saturday morning

    I pop in to Rathmines most Saturday mornings. Flying visits, frantic parking-place searches. These are some moments caught. There are always far more moments that get away, but that’s good – leaves something for next time.

Swan, Swan, Hummingbird.

Ok, not the last one. Here’s a few shots taken over the last year or so along the Grand Canal in Dublin between portobello and Mount Street, or thereabouts.

Squirreling away some extra cash

Bank of Ireland’s ‘Double Your Interest’ savings campaign. This ran as the first Homepage takeover on bankofireland.com Here’s a screen capture video of the takeover in action.