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Costa deLouth

Some shots taken while on holidays in Port Oriel, August 2016. It’s incredible how quickly the weather pivots – it now feels like a proper autumn, and these balmy evenings are long gone.


Meltdown 1.


Meltdown 2

Sunset, Termonfeckin

Sunset, Termonfeckin

Top of the hill, Termonfeckin

Top of the hill, Clogherhead.

Vapour trails.

Vapour trails. Clogherhead.

Walkway at night.

Walkway at night.

Deep and dark

Deep and dark

Four minutes of solitude.

Four minutes of solitude.

Resting Place. The Irish Trader.

Resting Place. The Irish Trader.

The last ten minutes.

The last ten minutes.

Catching sunset. Port Oriel.

Catching sunset. Port Oriel.

Pippa, with a fresh haircut. Missed a spot on her tail though.

Pippa, with a fresh haircut. Missed a spot on her tail though.

A lucky find

I was out for a stroll with the dogs last night when I happened upon the Clogherhead RNLI crew coming back from what looked to be a training exercise. It was fascinating to watch the elaborate, time-consuming and precisely timed process of getting the boat out of the water. It was a real treat, and it made for some nice photos too. I can only imagine how lucky you’d feel, on a stormy winter’s night at sea, to find these guys coming in for a rescue. A couple of years ago, I went in to the station at Clogherhead during an open day and had a tour of the boat. It’s an amazing bit of kit – essentially a submarine that can be sealed tight to weather the roughest of seas. The skill, bravery and dedication of the volunteer crew is absolutely awe-inspiring.



Tactical TV campaign for Virgin Media Ireland. Three 20 second spots.



Pressure on the pipes

Superfast. Ultrafast. Uberfast. Lightning fast. What does it all actually mean? It means that when the going gets tough and there’s “pressure on the pipes”, Virgin Media broadband powers on when the competitor’s broadband crumbles. As this campaign playfully demonstrates…

As part of this campaign, we extended the story of Frank’s weekend and created an online conversation between himself and his girlfriend that ran as VOD and pre-roll support for the TV ad.


The campaign also included rich-media display ads

and instore display





Virgin Media is officially Ireland’s fastest broadband network – certified by Ookla Speedtest. This outdoor and press creative connects Virgin Media and speed in no uncertain terms.







aaaaaand, with a few more words, here’s one for press…


Game of Drones

Virgin Media is officially Ireland’s fastest broadband network – according to Ookla. To celebrate that, and just to have fun, we dreamed up and made this: a superslick game  that shows off the power of 360Mb broadband and Virgin Media’s new mobile offering – by allowing users to control the drone from our latest TV spot with their mobile phone.


The game featured in rich media ads online, in social media channels, on Virgin Media Ireland’s website and on interactive screens in retail outlets.



Seen unseen

Here’s a couple of short timelapse videos I shot today. Just tests really. I was experimenting with long exposure shots using neutral density filters to cut down the light. In this first one outside the office, I shot a sequence of 6 second exposures at 8 second intervals. Watch it in 4K full resolution.

After that, I was in the mood for more, so I shot a sequence down on Sandymount strand, but kept the exposures short to get nice sharp clouds.

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