Winter in Dublin

To promote Dublin’s huge range of attractions, events, venues and activities on offer during the winter, we created this campaign for Fáilte Ireland with tailored content for November, December and January. The campaign included a 20″ ad for streaming services, TV stings, digital display, print and social ads in all the usual formats for each of the three months.

I art directed this campaign at CORE and worked with Gavin Kelly and the team at Piranha Bar to create the 20″ ad, 6″ pre-rolls, print visuals and TV stings which required a complex mix of shoots, 3D builds and visual effects. I shot the lead image for the campaign and worked with Michael Medvedi to composite and retouch the final, print-ready images. I also made all of the social video edits for the campaign in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Winter in Dublin 20″ streaming ad
TV stings (2×10″)
Press Ad – November
Press ad – December
Press ad – January
15″ Social video – November
15″ Social video – December
15″ Social video – January
6″ PreRoll ad – November
6″ PreRoll ad – December
6″ PreRoll ad – January

Client: Fáilte Ireland
Agency: CORE
Creative: James Carr (Art direction), Anthony McDonagh (Copywriting), Liam Wielopolski (CD)
Production: Piranha Bar
Director: Gavin Kelly
Additional photography: James Carr
Retouching: Michael Medvedi
Additional editing: James Carr

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