Sicily, November 2022

We spent a week in Sicily at the start of November – mainly in Palermo, with a couple of day trips to Agrigento and Cefalú. The weather was nice and the crowds a little lighter, so it was a great time to visit this beautiful Italian island. As is customary on our trips, a lot of galleries, churches, historical and archeological sites were on the itinerary and these are just some of the things we saw over the course of the week.

I took most of these shots with a Canon M50 mirrorless camera with 22mm lens – it’s an APS-C sensor, so the lens is a 35mm equivalent on a full-frame body. Easy to see why this focal-length is so popular for street-photography – it makes nice compositions in tight streets and coupled with a small camera, doesn’t attract much attention from closeup subjects. The 360 shots were taken with a Qoocam 8K.

off the beaten track, Agrigento

One tough kitty – Valley of the temples, near Agrigento


Fountain of shame (Fontana Pretoria), Palermo


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