I had the pleasure of spending a week in Florence recently. What an incredible city! It's hard to believe that people could have made such amazing art so long ago, and that so much of it has survived intact. Every street, and every square has something stunning to admire. One of the things that struck … Continue reading Firenze


We've got some creative farmers out in Ashbourne. I spotted these two big Teddy-bale sculptures on the way in this morning, along the main Ashbourne-Dublin road. A lovely treat for the commuters.

design for Doodle4Google, by Anya Clarke-Carr, age 8

Doodle 4 Google 2012

You've all seen the themed Google logos (known as Google Doodles) they feature regularly. Every year they run a competition for Irish kids in different age categories to design a doodle. They get thousands of entries from across the country and these are narrowed down to 75 finalists for public voting. Winning kids in each … Continue reading Doodle 4 Google 2012