King of the castle

Caught this guy on the way across the Sean O’Casey Bridge this morning. He’s got the sun shining outta his …

Flat surfaces and bright lights

Didn’t have a tripod with me on friday evening, so I was looking for flat surfaces to put the camera on. Most walls, bollards and railings around Dublin seem to have curved or bevelled tops, but I found a few flat bits to take a few long exposures. The shot I set out to take…

Down by the water

Went for a swim* in the canal today, and took a couple of shots. * not really.

Grand Canal dock

Stretched my legs at lunchtime, down as far as Grand Canal dock and back – hardly training for the marathon, but it’s better than eating sambos over my keyboard. Again.

Canal walk

Not the most inviting day today. But I managed to overcome my inertia and head out for some fresh air at lunchtime. I walked up to Leeson street and back along the banks of the canal. Very wintery feeling weather, but still with a lot of autumn-y colour.

September 11th

Today, the world bows it’s head and remembers those who lost their lives and loved ones. I remember vividly that day. I heard it on the radio, when the first plane struck. I happened to be at home at the time and I ran to the sitting room and fumbled with the remote control to…

Swan, Swan, Hummingbird.

Ok, not the last one. Here’s a few shots taken over the last year or so along the Grand Canal in Dublin between portobello and Mount Street, or thereabouts.