In the cold light of day

The temperature’s been up and down over the past few days. Today, it’s about 6 degrees outside at the moment, but it’s a bright sunny day, and it seems warmer. A few days ago, on the 29th, it was -2 at about 11am and there was a nice coat of heavy frost covering everything. Here…

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Stopped to take a few shots on the way to work today. I had to be careful not to wander too far into the fields. The fog was that heavy, you could easily get comfortably numb. Luckily, the trees stood their ground and marked the way back.

Grand Canal dock

Stretched my legs at lunchtime, down as far as Grand Canal dock and back – hardly training for the marathon, but it’s better than eating sambos over my keyboard. Again.


    Springtime in Ireland. Not what I signed up for. Nor you either, I’m sure. Where’s that fecken wardrobe? I wanna get out. This time last year, it was a different story – temperatures hitting 20 degrees and kids jumping into the liffey to cool down. Take me back to THAT version of reality….