Cracking view

Some 360 images from a VR tour I created for the beautiful penthouse apartment at Capital Dock. Below are some of the amazing views from the penthouse windows.

Darkest days

We're getting close now, to the darkest day of the year. I'll be happy to be on the other side and heading towards daylight. In the meantime, it's handy to be able to capture a few nice sunrises at the leisurely time of 8:45am.

Through the looking-glass

I've taken plenty of shots of the new incinerator, looking across from Sandymount. Last night (Feb13th 2018), I stopped on the way home to snap them from the other side, looking from Grand Canal Dock. I picked up a few other shots around there too.

The Virgin Media Night Run

There's a unique atmosphere about the city at night - a heightened, more focused and intimate experience. For their second year of sponsoring the Virgin Media Night Run, we wanted to evoke this feeling, coupled with the adrenaline rush of participating and competing in one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. The … Continue reading The Virgin Media Night Run

Dublin goes green

Paddy's Day eve. I stopped off at the Convention centre to capture a bit of green white and orange. I thought my bike was looking pretty fetching too, so I took a few snaps of that while I was there.

Hello to VR support on

I'm delighted to see that support for 360 and VR images has now been added to I can now integrate my 360 images with the rest of my work. Here's a couple of images I made last Saturday (10th Dec 2016) on Sir John Rogersons Quay in Dublin, Ireland. Click on one of the … Continue reading Hello to VR support on

East of Eden

Can't complain about the weather. Really. It's been pretty rainy these past few days, but it's warm rain, so that's not so bad. We have had some gorgeous days and nights this summer so far. Here's a few shots I took a few weeks back (may 26th). In the summer, you have to be working pretty … Continue reading East of Eden

Point to Point

I got the new(ish) 103X bus in this morning. It comes into town through the port tunnel, so I hopped out at the Point Depot and walked up to work via the East Link. Nice day for a stroll - a long enough walk that I could almost call it exercise, and I took a … Continue reading Point to Point

Early bus

The forecast has been promising snow this week, but it hasn't yet materialised in my part of the world. I've left the bike in the garage and taken the bus and dart to work instead. Each morning I get up, look out the window and see that it'd probably be fine on the bike, but … Continue reading Early bus

Great South Wall

I'm not getting many opportunities at the moment to get out and take photos, but I have managed to pop down a couple of times to the South Wall, cos it's near work and on my way. There a small, but nice little beach along the road to the wall, and it's a nice walk … Continue reading Great South Wall

The Liffey balance

Still. The liffey had a certain charm to it, in a topsy-turvy way.

It’s amazing what a difference a bit of weather makes

Going outside for 20 minutes never seems that appealing during the winter, which normally lasts about 8 months in Ireland, but this week it's been delightful. And it is a huge help, having the beach two minutes walk away. The sea, sand and sun are brilliant of course, but it's also very refreshing seeing so many … Continue reading It’s amazing what a difference a bit of weather makes

Doin’ the strand

Here's a little hyperlapse video I took during yesterday's lunchtime walk along Sandymount strand. Every now and then, you have to pause to marvel at the amazing things smartphones let us do. I'm not saying this video is amazing, I'm just playing, but the range of things you can now do, effortlessly, with one small … Continue reading Doin’ the strand

They only come out at night

Here's a few more shots around Dublin, taken on tuesday and thursday night this week. If you are interested in purchasing prints or usage rights for any of these shots, I’d be happy to discuss it!

King of the castle

Caught this guy on the way across the Sean O'Casey Bridge this morning. He's got the sun shining outta his ...