East of Eden

Can’t complain about the weather. Really. It’s been pretty rainy these past few days, but it’s warm rain, so that’s not so bad. We have had some gorgeous days and nights this summer so far. Here’s a few shots I took a few weeks back (may 26th). In the summer, you have to be working pretty…

Canal walk

Not the most inviting day today. But I managed to overcome my inertia and head out for some fresh air at lunchtime. I walked up to Leeson street and back along the banks of the canal. Very wintery feeling weather, but still with a lot of autumn-y colour.

Urban sparkle

I took a couple of shots of the H&M store on the corner Clarendon Row and King street, alongside the Stephen’s Green shopping centre. There’s lots of interesting shapes around town and you can get some very interesting things happening when you look closely at the reflections on the surfaces.