Here comes the magic

For the launch of Virgin Media Ireland, our objective was to land the message that UPC is now Virgin Media. The home of Ireland’s fastest broadband just got a new lease of life and sense of humour and we wanted to set the scene for all the good stuff to follow. The TV and outdoor creative featured a huge red truck, driven by Richard Branson and a voiceover by Patrick Stewart. The digital part of the campaign extended the truck’s repertoire and brought in more of the Virgin Media brand and personality, with simple, strong display ads, interactive games and bespoke VOD videos.


Here’s the TV ad:

Infinity Games Facebook

The second phase of the campaign announced Virgin Media Ireland’s new ‘Infinite mobile’ offer, with a new edit of the TV and a new homepage takeover that included a video billboard, originally planned to run infinitely, but more modestly executed in 30seconds in the end.

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