360Mb in 360 degrees

360Mb_badgeFor Virgin Media Ireland’s second campaign, their new 360Mb Broadband service was the big news. Sky-ripping, Eir-shredding speed, available in almost three quarters of a million homes across Ireland. Taking off where we left it with the launch campaign, we created a squadron of superfast jets, zipping through a glorious sunset for the TV ad. Just a few weeks before the campaign aired, Facebook had rolled out it’s support for interactive 360 video and it seemed rude not to avail of that to create the world’s first 360 ad as the cornerstone of the digital campaign. The ad aired globally on the LittlStar platform, making it the world’s first bespoke 360 ad and we popped the 360 (baby) into Google Cardboard VR headsets for in-store entertainment.




360_PR 360_cardboard


To extend the campaign, we enlisted the help of Team CUBE Action rider, Greg Callaghan and his buddies, Killian Callaghan and Ian Coates, to film an action packed MTB descent in 360, creating the highest engagement ever enjoyed by Virgin Media Ireland for a piece of social content.

Here’s the campaign TV ad.

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