I happened upon these guys in Merrion Square on Saturday. As far as I know (which isn’t very far), Slackline walking is even harder than Tightrope walking, which itself, is very hard indeed. These guys were very good at not falling off their lines and they had a lot of fun, floating above Merrion Square for the afternoon.

jamescarr-2420 jamescarr-2423 jamescarr-2407 jamescarr-2404 jamescarr-2401 jamescarr-2389 jamescarr-2395 jamescarr-2376 jamescarr-2377 jamescarr-2380 jamescarr-2364 jamescarr-2362 jamescarr-2363 jamescarr-2360 jamescarr-2353 jamescarr-2340 jamescarr-2339 jamescarr-2332 jamescarr-2334 jamescarr-2337

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