Vodafone – The story of us

  Part of Vodafone Ireland’s Christmas 2013 campaign. A Facebook app that creates an animated visualisation of your friendship – your shared interests, common friends, locations, check-ins, statuses and photos.

Vodafone – One Net

Launch campaign and introductory video for Vodafone’s One Net Express – an integrated communications package for businesses.  

Bank of Ireland Website

A website for a business like Bank of Ireland is an ever evolving thing. Having re-launched the site last year, we have been busy focusing on different sections of the site, refining it to suit the needs of both the Bank an their customers. The ‘look and feel’ is only a small part of the…

€10,000 buys a lot of kicks

Pepsi Max wanted to launch their Irish Facebook page with an attention-grabbing promotion, so we offered a chance to win €10K worth of Cash or Kicks. Entry is easy – all you have to do is submit your favourite adrenaline-pumping video from YouTube and tell us what you’d do for kicks with €10,000 to spend….

Budweiser Ice Cold Bottle

Gone but not forgotten. Budweiser’s iconic aluminium bottles were available on-trade for about a year in Ireland. At the time of its launch, we did a lot of work on a planned launch event, but the work didn’t get produced, due to a shift in the client’s marketing plan. Here are some of the proposed…

What’s your excuse?

Facebook Application concept, wirefame, design Winner ‘Best Integrated Facebook Campaign’ in The Social Media Awards 2011      

Squirreling away some extra cash

Bank of Ireland’s ‘Double Your Interest’ savings campaign. This ran as the first Homepage takeover on bankofireland.com Here’s a screen capture video of the takeover in action.

HARP Ice Cold – Freeze the moment

Freeze the moment campaign for HARP Ice Cold NI, done while I was in Irish International. This is a campaign that we developed for HARP as part of their sponsorship of the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. It consisted of outdoor posters, extensive branding and signage in and around the arena, social media and experiential promotions. The…

Blue Magic

Bank of Ireland/Leinster Rugby supporters site. I’ve been involved with this project from the start. After the initial concept and wireframing stage, my colleague Carlos Garcia designed the first generation website interface and ‘Leinster Legends‘ iOS app. Carlos has moved on, and senior creative responsibility for bluemagic.ie has reverted to me. As the site developed…