Minus one, plus one

There are some things we do well in Meath, and fog is one of them. I was out for a few hours earlier, and it was bloody cold. Got home, lit the fire and made a big dinner of steak and roasties and I was about to sit down and get cozy when I looked out…


I wandered up to the top of Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre car park on Saturday afternoon, to see what I could see. I had nowhere better to be, so decided to stick around for an hour or so to catch the sundown. It was beautiful, and a little surreal. Although I didn’t record many people…

Just your average Irish day

  Here’s how half an hour in Stephen’s Green in Dublin looked today. Summer, autumn, winter. Probably a touch of spring in there too.

Indian summer

  I reckon the seasons have slid by a few months. Winter is now Jan/Feb/Mar. Right now, we’re enjoying a mild autumn. Today was a t-shirt kinda day and the only thing wintery about it was the early onset of darkness. Perfect for nipping over to the strand after work and capturing a few evening…

Peace and quiet in the city centre

I had half an hour to kill in Stephen’s Green on saturday. It was a beautiful day and, as you’d expect, the green was jammed full of people hanging out and strolling about. I just about had time to take a few long exposure shots, and a quick timelapse. Next time, I think I’ll spend…

If you go down to the woods today…

… it probably won’t look like this. 😉 Here’s a couple of Infrared shot taken today in the woods near Beaulieu House in County Louth. And here’s the same woods in normal light.

Trespassing in twilight

Lately I’ve been stealing time before work to take the dogs up to the fields for a run around. Them, not me. It’s about all I can manage, being awake and walking. Running would be asking too much. The grass is long enough to lose a dog and takes a bit of effort to lift…

Private viewing

Took the dogs up for a walk in Balrath Woods a week or so ago. It was about 5pm on a Sunday afternoon and normally there’d be a good few people wandering around there. Not this time. Just Mimi, Pippa and Rosa. And me. And the trees.

Today’s ‘trip’ to the park

It was a pretty dull day today, and Dublin wasn’t looking it’s most photogenic. To liven it up a bit, I popped an infrared filter in front of the camera and this is what I got, in a few locations in Stephen’s Green, around lunchtime today. These things need very long exposures, so there’s the…


Meath was looking pretty stunning this morning. I would have stayed there snapping for longer, but a curious herd of cows came to check us out and Pippa freaked and ran home. 

Autumn has landed

We get a lot of fog and heavy mist out in Meath. Sometimes you can’t see 10 feet in front of you. And it can seem like the whole country is in the soup, but then you drive out of it on the approach to the M50 and it’s all clear. Here’s a few shots…

Hit and run

This weekend, I spent a little time in a few different places – Stephen’s Green on Saturday, Ratoath and Clogherhead on Sunday. All the shots were taken in the middle of the day when the light was pretty flat, but there was still some nice colour and tone to be found.

Down by the water

Went for a swim* in the canal today, and took a couple of shots. * not really.

Grand Canal dock

Stretched my legs at lunchtime, down as far as Grand Canal dock and back – hardly training for the marathon, but it’s better than eating sambos over my keyboard. Again.