Canal walk

Not the most inviting day today. But I managed to overcome my inertia and head out for some fresh air at lunchtime. I walked up to Leeson street and back along the banks of the canal. Very wintery feeling weather, but still with a lot of autumn-y colour.

Simple pleasures

Fresh air. Space, country smells, rough ground. That’s all it takes to make the dogs happy, and it’ll do nicely for me too. Luckily, this is just a few minutes walk from home and admission is free.

Sandymount strand

Last Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous day. I walked down to Sandymount, then walked the length of the strand. Great way to spend lunchtime.

South Bull Wall

I took a diversion on the way to work last friday – headed down the South Wall. I didn’t have time to walk down to the end, unfortunately, but I took a few shots before dashing off to work.

Lunchtime market

Every friday, a lunchtime food market sets up on the canal between Mount Street and Northumberland road. Passing there last friday, i noticed a blast of steam coming from one of the stalls, so I hung around and waited for it to happen again. And it did.

Pepper Cannister

Here’s a few shots I took last friday of St. Stephens Church in Mount Street Crescent in Dublin. It’s popularly know as the ‘Pepper Cannister’.


Aviva stadium looks like some kind of alien mothership, hovering behind the rooftops of Dublin.


It was a beautiful, crisp day today, so I headed out at lunch and walked down as far as Sandymount strand. I was aiming to take a shot of the Pigeonhouse towers, with the added benefit of some fresh air away from my desk. I got sidetracked along the way at Aviva stadium (see separate…


Yesterday morning I had some time to kill up Drogheda way, so I went up to Clogherhead and parked up at Port Oriel harbour. Beautiful morning! These are a few shots I took up on the hill, around the rocks and in the harbour. There’s also a couple of shots taken on the road in…

Dublin Castle

We took a trip in to Dublin Castle yesterday to visit the Chester Beatty library. It’s well worth a visit.

Flick of a switch

At this time of year, there seems to be about 10 minutes, from daylight to darkness. They can be 10 very pretty minutes. These are some shots I took on wednesday evening at about 6.15pm out the back of my office and from my window. The view may not be the most inspiring, but it…

It’s a dog’s life

A few shots of Mimi and Pippa on the beach, saturday evening, September 27th 2014.

Irish Trader, Baltray beach

Isn’t it great, that in October, I can still hope to get one or two more great summer walks in? Global warming is working out pretty well for us in Ireland this year, with temperatures still up in the twenties. The only real indication that it’s not summer any more, is the fading light. In…

Sun setting on the summer

On the beach on saturday night (Sept 20th). The days are much shorter now – these shots were taken around 7.30pm. It was an amazing, indian summer weekend. Hopefully the good weather will stick around for a while longer, even if the light has faded.


We’ve got some creative farmers out in Ashbourne. I spotted these two big Teddy-bale sculptures on the way in this morning, along the main Ashbourne-Dublin road. A lovely treat for the commuters.