The Dead Zoo

Looking for something to do in Dublin on Saturday, I popped in to the Natural History Museum for a while. It's a strange little place, but interesting and worth a visit. There are only two levels currently open to the public - such a shame that the upper levels are out of bounds. Lack of … Continue reading The Dead Zoo

Lovely beach evenings

You can't beat a sunset walk on the beach. Generally, you get the whole place to yourself. You're getting exercise and fresh air, there's a soothing soundtrack of gently lapping waves, the dogs are having the craic - and of course, there's a pretty spectacular 360 degree view. Don't think I'll ever tire of it. … Continue reading Lovely beach evenings

Calm before the storm

Last night was a beautiful clear evening, after a very unsettled day. I popped out for a relaxing walk at sundown and took some lovely peaceful long-exposure shots on the rocks, near Clogherhead. All is calm, all is bright. Today, we went back up that way when the tide was in again. The wind was … Continue reading Calm before the storm

Sunny South East

I had the pleasure of paying a flying visit to Ballydwan in Co. Waterford on monday. It's on the south coast of Ireland and it's shockingly beautiful. It's amazing that even on such a tiny Isle as this, a few hours drive can bring you to somewhere where the light, atmosphere and landscape are noticeably different. Of course, … Continue reading Sunny South East

Evening on the beach

Here's a few shots taken on Clogherhead beach at sunset last Saturday. It was just as the light was fading and they are all around 2-3 seconds at f22. I'd been waiting for an opportunity to take some shots at these rocks when the tide was in and I reckon I just missed the perfect … Continue reading Evening on the beach

Checking in on an old friend

Last Sunday's walk took us down the beach, past Termonfeckin to Baltray. We persevered against a strong headwind and the threat of rain and it all worked out fine. The ship is a great marker to encourage you down what would otherwise be a fairly featureless course. Not that that's a bad thing - the … Continue reading Checking in on an old friend

Strength in numbers

I've recently discovered the 'Photomerge' function in Photoshop, unlike Liberty Lane, which I've known about for a long time. There's some unbelievable talent on display down there, and it changes often. It's parallel to Camden Street, behind Whelans and perpendicular to Kevin Street, near the college. Check it out if you're in the area. 'Photomerge' … Continue reading Strength in numbers

It’s amazing what a difference a bit of weather makes

Going outside for 20 minutes never seems that appealing during the winter, which normally lasts about 8 months in Ireland, but this week it's been delightful. And it is a huge help, having the beach two minutes walk away. The sea, sand and sun are brilliant of course, but it's also very refreshing seeing so many … Continue reading It’s amazing what a difference a bit of weather makes

All is calm

Some shots taken in the Clogherhead/Termonfeckin/Baltray area over the past week. When the sun shines, there's no place I'd rather be.

Starry night

A few shots taken on the beach last Saturday (Easter Saturday). There's a bit of a knack to taking starry sky shots, that I haven't quite got yet. I forgot to bring my camera remote, so had to make do with 30 second exposures at ISO 400. Next chance I get, I want to try … Continue reading Starry night

Coming out of hibernation

It's nearly that time of year again. Clocks are changing soon, and I'm seeing a lot more daylight on the way to and from work, which is nice. I popped up to Baltray on sunday for a quick walk. I've missed the beach over the winter months and I'm really looking forward to spending the summer … Continue reading Coming out of hibernation

Time to shine

Dublin is quite pretty at night, when the colour is switched on. The glow in the sky, creamy blur of light and soft smudges of clouds are always a nice surprise, when the shutter closes after a long-exposure. If you are interested in purchasing prints or usage rights for any of these shots, I'd be happy … Continue reading Time to shine

View from the top deck

Taken from the misty front window of the Bus Éireann 103 this morning.  

Following the light

Got off the bus this morning on O'Connell street at about 8.20am. Walked down Abbey street and through a lane way to get to the quays. From there, I could see a gorgeous golden glow in the sky, down towards the sea. It faded fast as I was heading down, and was gone by the time … Continue reading Following the light

In the cold light of day

The temperature's been up and down over the past few days. Today, it's about 6 degrees outside at the moment, but it's a bright sunny day, and it seems warmer. A few days ago, on the 29th, it was -2 at about 11am and there was a nice coat of heavy frost covering everything. Here … Continue reading In the cold light of day