Starry night

A few shots taken on the beach last Saturday (Easter Saturday). There’s a bit of a knack to taking starry sky shots, that I haven’t quite got yet. I forgot to bring my camera remote, so had to make do with 30 second exposures at ISO 400. Next chance I get, I want to try…

Coming out of hibernation

It’s nearly that time of year again. Clocks are changing soon, and I’m seeing a lot more daylight on the way to and from work, which is nice. I popped up to Baltray on sunday for a quick walk. I’ve missed the beach over the winter months and I’m really looking forward to spending the summer…

Sandymount strand

Last Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous day. I walked down to Sandymount, then walked the length of the strand. Great way to spend lunchtime.

South Bull Wall

I took a diversion on the way to work last friday – headed down the South Wall. I didn’t have time to walk down to the end, unfortunately, but I took a few shots before dashing off to work.


It was a beautiful, crisp day today, so I headed out at lunch and walked down as far as Sandymount strand. I was aiming to take a shot of the Pigeonhouse towers, with the added benefit of some fresh air away from my desk. I got sidetracked along the way at Aviva stadium (see separate…


Yesterday morning I had some time to kill up Drogheda way, so I went up to Clogherhead and parked up at Port Oriel harbour. Beautiful morning! These are a few shots I took up on the hill, around the rocks and in the harbour. There’s also a couple of shots taken on the road in…

After dark

I headed down to the beach after dark and set up the camera by the water’s edge. The tide came in quickly and I was about knee deep in the sea by the last of these shots. They were taken with a 20mm f2.8 lens on a Canon 6D and 30 second exposures.

It’s a dog’s life

A few shots of Mimi and Pippa on the beach, saturday evening, September 27th 2014.

Irish Trader, Baltray beach

Isn’t it great, that in October, I can still hope to get one or two more great summer walks in? Global warming is working out pretty well for us in Ireland this year, with temperatures still up in the twenties. The only real indication that it’s not summer any more, is the fading light. In…

Sun setting on the summer

On the beach on saturday night (Sept 20th). The days are much shorter now – these shots were taken around 7.30pm. It was an amazing, indian summer weekend. Hopefully the good weather will stick around for a while longer, even if the light has faded.

Beaches are good in the daytime too

I spend a lot of time on the beaches of Clogherhead, Termonfeckin and Baltray, I’m happy to say. And recently I’ve been taking a lot of shots at twilight, and loving the colours. But I also love the more muted tones you get throughout the day. Here are a few shots taken while walking along…

An Irish Summer

Here’s a few shots taken this summer on the Costa DeLouth. When the sun shone, it was glorious, but when it rained, or was dull, it was even more glorious. There’s only a few more days left of the season and I’m going to really miss this place during the winter.

Wrecked colours

Paid a visit to my favorite wreck again on monday. One of my shots got picked up on and consequently, I found out a bit about the ship and it’s history. This is the wreck of the Irish Trader, of Hartlepool, grounded in 1974 on way to Drogheda.The notorious Littlejohn brothers, Keith and Kenneth…

That bench again

Popped across to the seafront again this morning. The bench was still where I left it, as expected. No bike this week though.

Lonely bike

I arrived in work a bit early this morning, but not early enough to catch the sunrise. It was nice out though, so I decided to pop over to the seafront. The sky was kinda nice, but I din’t think it was interesting enough to make a good picture. I spotted this bike, locked to…