Doin’ the strand

Here’s a little hyperlapse video I took during yesterday’s lunchtime walk along Sandymount strand. Every now and then, you have to pause to marvel at the amazing things smartphones let us do. I’m not saying this video is amazing, I’m just playing, but the range of things you can now do, effortlessly, with one small…

Rathmines of a Saturday morning

    I pop in to Rathmines most Saturday mornings. Flying visits, frantic parking-place searches. These are some moments caught. There are always far more moments that get away, but that’s good – leaves something for next time.


What a glorious summer it’s been. I mean ‘is’. Hopefully it’s not over yet. I love this place. Every day is different. In fact, every hour is different. These shots are a collection of snaps I’ve taken over the past few weeks, along the beach from Baltray, past Termonfeckin, up to Clogherhead.

Time to Bale out

I closed up the summer home in Clogherhead last saturday. Bummer. Where did the summer go? Personally, I’d have liked a bit more sun and a lot less rain, but summer’s still my favourite season, and this is my favourite place to spend it. Here’s a couple of shots I took in the field that’s…


On a recce for a shoot next week, it’s a nice day for a stroll around Croke Park. In fact, it’s a nice day for a stroll around anything.

An Irish Summer

Here’s a few shots taken this summer on the Costa DeLouth. When the sun shone, it was glorious, but when it rained, or was dull, it was even more glorious. There’s only a few more days left of the season and I’m going to really miss this place during the winter.

Wrecked colours

Paid a visit to my favorite wreck again on monday. One of my shots got picked up on and consequently, I found out a bit about the ship and it’s history. This is the wreck of the Irish Trader, of Hartlepool, grounded in 1974 on way to Drogheda.The notorious Littlejohn brothers, Keith and Kenneth…

Urban sparkle

I took a couple of shots of the H&M store on the corner Clarendon Row and King street, alongside the Stephen’s Green shopping centre. There’s lots of interesting shapes around town and you can get some very interesting things happening when you look closely at the reflections on the surfaces.


Popped up to Baggot Street at lunchtime to grab a few bits of junk food – there’s plenty to choose from around there. Even in places you’re very familiar with, it’s surprising how you can always notice something new, if you look around – or more often, up.

Aviva Stadium

I took a quick walk this morning, around the back of the Aviva stadium. The light was catching it nicely for a few minutes, but was gone, even by the time I was walking back to the car.

Faded glory

There are lots of these places around Dublin. I don’t know anything about this one, on Dublin’s Richmond Road, but I imagine it was once a family business. Possibly for several generations. Now there’s not much clues as to what they did when they were open for business, but even in its decrepitude, there’s still…

Cold bottoms and night lights

‘Crisp and bright’. That’s how you might describe this morning. I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say  it was ‘fecken freezin’, where I was standing, but I’d be pretty sure that would be how the bottom of those boats felt. I kinda liked the faint glow from the lights on deck – they…


I got a bit ahead of myself this morning, somehow and had time to stop on the way to work. Just outside the O2, things looked quite nice in the morning light. One day, I’ll catch this lighthouse ship at just the right time of day to get the sun blasting through the lightbulb, but…

That bench again

Popped across to the seafront again this morning. The bench was still where I left it, as expected. No bike this week though.