Faded glory

Wm. Blythman Ltd

There are lots of these places around Dublin. I don’t know anything about this one, on Dublin’s Richmond Road, but I imagine it was once a family business. Possibly for several generations. Now there’s not much clues as to what they did when they were open for business, but even in its decrepitude, there’s still more charm here than in most modern shopfronts. If the recession hadn’t kicked in, most of these places would have been torn down and replaced by now, so I guess that’s one reason to be thankful for the recession…


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  1. john rooney says:

    Blythmans were suppliers of sewing machines and equipment to the clothing industry ,they also repaired machinery in this building.

    1. jamesfcarr says:

      thanks John. It’s always nice to learn something about the places I pass, and photograph.

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