Darkest days

We're getting close now, to the darkest day of the year. I'll be happy to be on the other side and heading towards daylight. In the meantime, it's handy to be able to capture a few nice sunrises at the leisurely time of 8:45am.

Point to Point

I got the new(ish) 103X bus in this morning. It comes into town through the port tunnel, so I hopped out at the Point Depot and walked up to work via the East Link. Nice day for a stroll - a long enough walk that I could almost call it exercise, and I took a … Continue reading Point to Point

Early bus

The forecast has been promising snow this week, but it hasn't yet materialised in my part of the world. I've left the bike in the garage and taken the bus and dart to work instead. Each morning I get up, look out the window and see that it'd probably be fine on the bike, but … Continue reading Early bus

Right place, right time

Today's started well. It may not keep it up, but it was pretty fab out there this morning and I was lucky enough to have time for a walk on Sandymount beach. According to my phone, it's 13 degrees at the moment, and it definitely feels more summery than wintery. Carpe diem.

Great South Wall

I'm not getting many opportunities at the moment to get out and take photos, but I have managed to pop down a couple of times to the South Wall, cos it's near work and on my way. There a small, but nice little beach along the road to the wall, and it's a nice walk … Continue reading Great South Wall

Trespassing in twilight

Lately I've been stealing time before work to take the dogs up to the fields for a run around. Them, not me. It's about all I can manage, being awake and walking. Running would be asking too much. The grass is long enough to lose a dog and takes a bit of effort to lift … Continue reading Trespassing in twilight

The Liffey balance

Still. The liffey had a certain charm to it, in a topsy-turvy way.


Meath was looking pretty stunning this morning. I would have stayed there snapping for longer, but a curious herd of cows came to check us out and Pippa freaked and ran home. 

Autumn has landed

We get a lot of fog and heavy mist out in Meath. Sometimes you can't see 10 feet in front of you. And it can seem like the whole country is in the soup, but then you drive out of it on the approach to the M50 and it's all clear. Here's a few shots … Continue reading Autumn has landed

King of the castle

Caught this guy on the way across the Sean O'Casey Bridge this morning. He's got the sun shining outta his ...

View from the top deck

Taken from the misty front window of the Bus Éireann 103 this morning.  

Following the light

Got off the bus this morning on O'Connell street at about 8.20am. Walked down Abbey street and through a lane way to get to the quays. From there, I could see a gorgeous golden glow in the sky, down towards the sea. It faded fast as I was heading down, and was gone by the time … Continue reading Following the light

In the cold light of day

The temperature's been up and down over the past few days. Today, it's about 6 degrees outside at the moment, but it's a bright sunny day, and it seems warmer. A few days ago, on the 29th, it was -2 at about 11am and there was a nice coat of heavy frost covering everything. Here … Continue reading In the cold light of day

Out in the cold

It was cold, but kinda nice looking this morning, so I got off the bus on O'Connell street, instead of staying till the end of the line at Stephen's Green. I walked along the quays, crossing on the Sean O'Casey bridge. I couldn't feel my fingers after taking photos for a few minutes. These are … Continue reading Out in the cold

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Stopped to take a few shots on the way to work today. I had to be careful not to wander too far into the fields. The fog was that heavy, you could easily get comfortably numb. Luckily, the trees stood their ground and marked the way back.