South Bull Wall

I took a diversion on the way to work last friday – headed down the South Wall. I didn’t have time to walk down to the end, unfortunately, but I took a few shots before dashing off to work.


Yesterday morning I had some time to kill up Drogheda way, so I went up to Clogherhead and parked up at Port Oriel harbour. Beautiful morning! These are a few shots I took up on the hill, around the rocks and in the harbour. There’s also a couple of shots taken on the road in…


We’ve got some creative farmers out in Ashbourne. I spotted these two big Teddy-bale sculptures on the way in this morning, along the main Ashbourne-Dublin road. A lovely treat for the commuters.

September 11th

Today, the world bows it’s head and remembers those who lost their lives and loved ones. I remember vividly that day. I heard it on the radio, when the first plane struck. I happened to be at home at the time and I ran to the sitting room and fumbled with the remote control to…

Beaches are good in the daytime too

I spend a lot of time on the beaches of Clogherhead, Termonfeckin and Baltray, I’m happy to say. And recently I’ve been taking a lot of shots at twilight, and loving the colours. But I also love the more muted tones you get throughout the day. Here are a few shots taken while walking along…

Glimpses caught through gaps in hedges

Irish roads can be dangerous. twists, turns, dips, potholes, mud, loose chippings and view-obscuring hedges are just some of the plentiful hazards. In the countryside, those hedges are peppered with gaps and gates, and if you’re driving at any kind of speed, those gaps can be like little subliminal blips of beauty, giving micro-second scenes…

Random Louth scenes

So, here’s some shots from the last few days. It’s a wonder I get anything done, with all the stuff that wants to be photographed!

Early this morning

These were taken at about 7.00am today, at Oriel Cove. I have to say, I was more than a little reluctant to leave for work this morning.

Rathmines of a Saturday morning

    I pop in to Rathmines most Saturday mornings. Flying visits, frantic parking-place searches. These are some moments caught. There are always far more moments that get away, but that’s good – leaves something for next time.

Good MMMorning!

Campaign to promote the extensive breakfast range available at TOPAZ service stations nationwide.

Aviva Stadium

I took a quick walk this morning, around the back of the Aviva stadium. The light was catching it nicely for a few minutes, but was gone, even by the time I was walking back to the car.

Too cold for roses

The world was looking pretty gorgeous this morning and I was tempted to stop a few times on the way to work. I passed up a few really good locations. I did eventually stop as I passed Griffith park – it was too cold for roses, but I stopped to smell them anyway. The car…

Shy and retiring

Sometimes, sunrises are beautiful. Obviously. Other times – like today – it’s not so obvious. There’s nothing too dramatic going on, the weather’s nondescript, the sea’s calm and the sun sneaks up with it’s headlights dipped. With a bit of work though, you can drag some decent images out of the mire and I think,…

First taste of snow

I took a sneaky route through the housing estates of finglas, glasnevin and fairview this morning – all totally encrusted in icing. Avoiding the perma-tailback past glasnevin cemetery chopped about half an hour off my commute, allowing me to slide into the last available spot in the office car-park and also giving me ten minutes…


It was bitterly cold on the beach this morning and I was a little late to catch the real kaleidoscope of colour. That rolled out ahead of me as I crossed the East Link, and traffic can be very indifferent when it comes to a photographers urge to get to a good vantage for sunrise….