Checking in on an old friend

Last Sunday's walk took us down the beach, past Termonfeckin to Baltray. We persevered against a strong headwind and the threat of rain and it all worked out fine. The ship is a great marker to encourage you down what would otherwise be a fairly featureless course. Not that that's a bad thing - the … Continue reading Checking in on an old friend

Coming out of hibernation

It's nearly that time of year again. Clocks are changing soon,¬†and I'm seeing a lot more daylight on the way to and from work, which is nice. I popped up to Baltray on sunday for a quick walk. I've missed the beach over the winter months and I'm really looking forward to spending the summer … Continue reading Coming out of hibernation

Irish Trader, Baltray beach

Isn't it great, that in October, I can still hope to get one or two more great summer walks in? Global warming is working out pretty well for us in Ireland this year, with temperatures still up in the twenties. The only real indication that it's not summer any more, is the fading light. In … Continue reading Irish Trader, Baltray beach


What a glorious summer it's been. I mean 'is'. Hopefully it's not over yet. I love this place. Every day is different. In fact, every hour is different. These shots are a collection of snaps I've taken over the past few weeks, along the beach from Baltray, past Termonfeckin, up to Clogherhead.

An Irish Summer

Here's a few shots taken this summer on the Costa DeLouth. When the sun shone, it was glorious, but when it rained, or was dull, it was even more glorious. There's only a few more days left of the season and I'm going to really miss this place during the winter.

Irish Trader Wreck

Wrecked colours

Paid a visit to my favorite wreck again on monday. One of my shots got picked up on and consequently, I found out a bit about the ship and it's history. This is the wreck of the Irish Trader, of Hartlepool, grounded in 1974 on way to Drogheda.The notorious Littlejohn brothers, Keith and Kenneth … Continue reading Wrecked colours