My lens has gotten too fat

Went out last Sunday night and took a few shots in a field on the outskirts of Ratoath village. It’s the first time I’ve tried to use my ND filters on a full-frame camera. Turns out, the angle of view through my 20mm lens is now too wide for the Cokin Series P holder and filters I have (it was fine on the cropped sensor 100D) and I’m now catching a substantial chunk of black filter holder on either side of the image, so I’ve had to crop these shots to get rid of it. So now, I need the bigger – and way more expensive Z-Pro series filter kit to sort out the problem. Better start saving… In the meantime, I might try some of the much cheaper ‘Zomei’ filters and see how those are.

These shots were taken around sunset at about 10pm with a graduated ND8 filter on the sky.







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