Some shots taken on the winter solstice 2018, Ratoath, Co. Meath. Exposure-merged HDR images, processed in split-tone.

Minus one, plus one

There are some things we do well in Meath, and fog is one of them. I was out for a few hours earlier, and it was bloody cold. Got home, lit the fire and made a big dinner of steak and roasties and I was about to sit down and get cozy when I looked out … Continue reading Minus one, plus one

Putting myself in harm’s way, for safety’s sake

Here's a set of videos I shot recently at Irish International for the Road Safety Authority (RSA), to help raise awareness of cyclist's safety on the road. They were published through the RSA's social channels during National Bike Week (11th-19th June 2016). The scenes look dangerous, from the cyclist's perspective, intentionally. These videos were shot … Continue reading Putting myself in harm’s way, for safety’s sake

Trespassing in twilight

Lately I've been stealing time before work to take the dogs up to the fields for a run around. Them, not me. It's about all I can manage, being awake and walking. Running would be asking too much. The grass is long enough to lose a dog and takes a bit of effort to lift … Continue reading Trespassing in twilight

Private viewing

Took the dogs up for a walk in Balrath Woods a week or so ago. It was about 5pm on a Sunday afternoon and normally there'd be a good few people wandering around there. Not this time. Just Mimi, Pippa and Rosa. And me. And the trees.


Meath was looking pretty stunning this morning. I would have stayed there snapping for longer, but a curious herd of cows came to check us out and Pippa freaked and ran home. 

Autumn has landed

We get a lot of fog and heavy mist out in Meath. Sometimes you can't see 10 feet in front of you. And it can seem like the whole country is in the soup, but then you drive out of it on the approach to the M50 and it's all clear. Here's a few shots … Continue reading Autumn has landed

The white, white grass of home

I love living in Meath, with the countryside all around me. Yes. There are considerable advantages to living close to work, but none that outweigh the opportunity to walk five minutes from home and be completely alone with miles of empty fields to wander. I think the dogs would agree. Here's a few shots from … Continue reading The white, white grass of home

Elusive sunset

Last tuesday evening, I was sitting in the kitchen at about 9.15pm when I noticed that the garden was pink. Moving closer to the window, I could see the incredible sky that was casting the warm tones. I thought to myself what a shame it was I hadn't gone out with my camera earlier. Then … Continue reading Elusive sunset

My lens has gotten too fat

Went out last Sunday night and took a few shots in a field on the outskirts of Ratoath village. It's the first time I've tried to use my ND filters on a full-frame camera. Turns out, the angle of view through my 20mm lens is now too wide for the Cokin Series P holder and … Continue reading My lens has gotten too fat

Out in the wild moo yonder

Off we went, quite unexpectedly on saturday evening, to see a man about a beard. My wife, who's an artist, is doing a mural and needed a model for a 'High-King' character. A friend knew a farmer who fitted the long-bearded bill, so off we traipsed through endless lovely fields in the depths of Meath, … Continue reading Out in the wild moo yonder

Dancin’ in the moonlight

Another rock'n'roll saturday night - out late and ending with me stumbling around in the dark in a field in the middle of nowhere. Reminds me of the good old days 😉 These were taken at about 1am last night just outside Ratoath. They're taken with a Canon 6D, 20mm f2.8 lens set to f7.1, … Continue reading Dancin’ in the moonlight

Taking a close look at the garden

I often think that macro lenses are kinda cheating. Point them at virtually anything, and it looks great. Or maybe it's just me. But I am a bit of a sucker for a shallow shot. (Taken with a Sigma 70-300mm macro lens on a Canon 6D)


It started out like any other Sunday. There was idle chat about getting a new puppy. We all agreed that a little pup would be very very very cute. I'm pretty sure we also agreed that two dogs were enough to have about the place. Somehow, we ended up taking a drive to 'look' at … Continue reading Cockapoo

Soft day, thank God

We had one of those Meath winter days on Sunday. The kind where you can't see 10 feet ahead of you. Everything goes spooky, and quiet. When you wander into a field, you quickly lose touch with the modern world, and it's like stepping back in time.