Evening on the beach

Here’s a few shots taken on Clogherhead beach at sunset last Saturday. It was just as the light was fading and they are all around 2-3 seconds at f22. I’d been waiting for an opportunity to take some shots at these rocks when the tide was in and I reckon I just missed the perfect…

They only come out at night

Here’s a few more shots around Dublin, taken on tuesday and thursday night this week. If you are interested in purchasing prints or usage rights for any of these shots, I’d be happy to discuss it!

Simple pleasures

Fresh air. Space, country smells, rough ground. That’s all it takes to make the dogs happy, and it’ll do nicely for me too. Luckily, this is just a few minutes walk from home and admission is free.

Flick of a switch

At this time of year, there seems to be about 10 minutes, from daylight to darkness. They can be 10 very pretty minutes. These are some shots I took on wednesday evening at about 6.15pm out the back of my office and from my window. The view may not be the most inspiring, but it…

It’s a dog’s life

A few shots of Mimi and Pippa on the beach, saturday evening, September 27th 2014.

Irish Trader, Baltray beach

Isn’t it great, that in October, I can still hope to get one or two more great summer walks in? Global warming is working out pretty well for us in Ireland this year, with temperatures still up in the twenties. The only real indication that it’s not summer any more, is the fading light. In…

Sun setting on the summer

On the beach on saturday night (Sept 20th). The days are much shorter now – these shots were taken around 7.30pm. It was an amazing, indian summer weekend. Hopefully the good weather will stick around for a while longer, even if the light has faded.

Glimpses caught through gaps in hedges

Irish roads can be dangerous. twists, turns, dips, potholes, mud, loose chippings and view-obscuring hedges are just some of the plentiful hazards. In the countryside, those hedges are peppered with gaps and gates, and if you’re driving at any kind of speed, those gaps can be like little subliminal blips of beauty, giving micro-second scenes…

One way ticket to darkness

Hanging out with the Irish Trader wreck, as the sun goes down could become a bit of a regular thing for me. When the tide’s out, there’s a beautiful, serene atmosphere down there. Only downside is, by the time it gets too dark to photograph, it’s also too dark to find your way home. Some…

Random Louth scenes

So, here’s some shots from the last few days. It’s a wonder I get anything done, with all the stuff that wants to be photographed!

Nuclear Bomb over Clogherhead

On Saturday night, there was a brilliant rainbow over the sea, too close for my 18mm lens to capture in it’s entirety. It was completely upstaged by the nuclear bomb of pinks and blues that was going off behind it, above Clogherhead.

Seapoint Golf Club

On Thursday night (July 24th 2014), we headed back to down the beach, and this time, up into the dunes after crossing the river at Termonfeckin. I collected a fair few scrapes and grazes, wading through the undergrowth, before coming out on the quiet fairways of Seapoint Golf Club, as the sun was going down….

Behind the dunes

What an amazing evening we had last night! Myself and Mimi and Pippa were out on the beach from about 7.30-10pm and it was absolute heaven. The sand was soft, and the sea was warm, but all the colour of the fantastic sunset was hiding behind the sand dunes.

Sundown on a beautiful summer’s day

Two of them, in fact. These were taken on saturday and sunday evenings, on Clogherhead beach and at Port Oriel harbour. That’s the Mourne mountains you can see in the background of some of the Port Oriel shots.

In the long Grass

We got in a quick walk last night, just as it was getting dark. The dogs had a great time, running around, chasing each other, smelling smells and splashing in puddles.