One way ticket to darkness

Hanging out with the Irish Trader wreck, as the sun goes down could become a bit of a regular thing for me. When the tide’s out, there’s a beautiful, serene atmosphere down there. Only downside is, by the time it gets too dark to photograph, it’s also too dark to find your way home. Some of these shots had exposures of up to 8 seconds.

Last night, I parked in Baltray and walked through the bird sanctuary to the beach. I nearly didn’t find my way back out again. The car park down there has what could be Ireland’s worst road leading to it too. It’s like something that’s been bombed several times – it reminded me of some off-road trips I took in Kenya a long time ago.

IMG_1989 IMG_1988 IMG_2009 IMG_2001 IMG_2109 IMG_2116 IMG_2120 IMG_2119 IMG_2117 IMG_2137 IMG_2136 IMG_2121

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