Nearly getting lost

I took a diversion on the way home last night. Got off the M2 and headed towards Tyrellstown, then took a right and went through Hollystown. I headed up towards Ratoath, then took a left and cut across to Fairyhouse. I kinda knew where I was going, but it’s such a windy little bohreen, that I did worry a bit, that the road would just keep meandering on as darkness fell. Most of that road is so skinny, it’d be difficult for two bikes to pass each other, let alone cars and a lot of it has big tufty mounds of grass growing in ridges along the centre. In fact, the road sounds so interesting, I’ll have to go back and take some shots of it, instead of pointing my camera off into fields, as I did this time.

IMG_1103 IMG_1138 IMG_1133 IMG_1131

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