The natural order

I love ruins and derelict buildings. Especially when they contrast so nicely with lush vegetation that is obviously thriving – almost in inverse proportion to the decaying man-made structure. This old cottage/shed isn’t the most remarkable ruin, by any means, but it sits conveniently on my way home, on the outskirts of Ratoath village, so these are kinda lazy shots that have been quickly processed and graded. On the last one, I messed about with the ‘infrared’ preset in Lightroom. I shot a few rolls of real 35mm infrared film in college and I remember it giving a great, ghostly glow to greenery. The post-processed version isn’t as good, but it’s still an interesting effect that I hope to play around with more in the future.

IMG_1300_bw IMG_1285_BW IMG_1287_BW IMG_1281_BW IMG_1288_BW

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