Searching for Northern Lights

The radio on saturday said there was a strong chance of the Northern Lights being visible over Ireland. So I was keeping an eye out the window. There wasn’t much to see, and it was impossible to pick anything out, from all the light spilling out of sitting rooms and streetlights, but some of the articles I read online said that the Aurora Borealis can sometimes look white or grey to the naked eye, but show up in colour when photographed. I headed out into the darkness on the beach at about 11.30pm and took a few shots to see what I’d catch. There was a beautiful big moon sitting out over the sea, for one thing. And there was quite an interesting glow in the sky, looking north-westward. Most likely, it was a glow coming from Clogherhead or Drogheda. When it’s that dark, it’s tricky to see anything to focus on, and getting the horizon straight is hit-and-miss too. Most of these were 30 second exposures.

I may have cheated a little on one of them while developing in Lightroom.

IMG_4034 IMG_4033 IMG_4040 IMG_4036 IMG_4035

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